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Miscellaneous junk! =^w^= All mostly usable, but not part of any active project I have.


zsodium is a wrapper and slight abstraction of the libsodium cryptography library for use in the Zig programming language. Currently it is incomplete, but development is ongoing to get it to a stable and usable state for future projects.



OWAPI (Orvira's Weather API) is a simple, cache-focussed abstraction of the NWS's forecast API, as well as OpenStreetMap's Nominatim for address/city lookup in order to get latitude and longitude coordinates for NWS location lookup.

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Lain Openbox 3 Theme

Openbox 3 Theme Example

This is my Openbox 3 theme for my main Debian install. This only includes the custom theme, and omits any other niceties I've added over my time with this install.