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=^w^= If you're a user of any NEST software, please leave me an email! Would love to hear feedback! =^w^=


NEST (Non-Essential Software Tools) is a collection of minimalist, utilitarian desktop utilities and accessibility tools. NEST apps are designed to be simple, efficient, and to the point. All code is open source, licensed under GPLv3 unless otherwise stated.

Image Viewer

Image Viewer (img) is a simple image viewer that can handle a variety of image formats (JPG, PNG, TGA, BMP, PSD, GIF, HDR, PIC), utilizing stb_image.h, the public domain image loading library utilized by NTK. The image viewer supports nearest-neighbor scaling, and dragging around an image.



NTK (NEST Tool-Kit) is a rudimentary abstraction of Xlib, the C X11 API. It is used to more easily develop desktop apps without relying on a full graphical toolkit like GTK or Qt. It abstracts the boilerplate associated with X11 programming, while still ensuring the developer has full access to use Xlib (or possibly XCB, however this is not tested).



ATSM (App Timer System Monitor) is a user service for limiting usage of certain applications per day. While developed generically, this was primarily made as a Linux alternative to macOS's "Screen Time". This can be used for a variety of applications, from helping focus, to regulating usage of applications, to controlling background processes.



lumctl is a collection of 2 bash scripts, lummon and lumman, and a systemd unit script, in order to handle backlight controls for a singular monitor. Multiple monitors may be planned later, but honestly I don't really care.

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